Meet EnhanceAir—the highest standard in out of home advertising by offering a solution that combats air pollution and global warming at the intersection of where it is occurring.

EnhanceAir is a specialty coating applied to outdoor advertising materials that purifies the air without impacting appearance. The cost of applying this air-purifying specialty coating is minimal when compared to the added value yielded for businesses utilizing this from traditional out of home to transit and fleet graphics. EnhanceAir, powered by Pureti can convert outdoor advertising assets into strategically placed air purifiers.


Reduces, destroys, or reverses air pollution

Specifically, the pollutants NOx and VOCs.

Lowers NOx levels in the air

EnhanceAir™ treated vinyl reduces up to 32% of the NOx that passes over the surface.

Fights climate change and global warming

In addition to NOx, the coatings have also been shown effective against volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Improves air quality by reducing NOx and VOCs

On cement surfaces the results show up to 70% of the NOx is destroyed.


Gone are the days of despondence in the battle to save the planet. Real change comes when we all realize that every industry and every person can play a role. If you're in the OOH advertising space and trying to find a practical solution to combat climate change—EnhanceAir is your answer.
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Beau Wells
CEO, Vincent Printing


"We are excited to partner with Vincent Printing to bring air purifying technology to the out of home media market. The EnhanceAir Powered by PURETi brand represents a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable planet. We share in the vision of turning media assets and advertisers into allies in the fight against air pollution and climate change."
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Brian Hass


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